The Secret Santa App helps you find your giftee!


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With this app you can easily make a Secret Santa lottery to randomly choose who gives a present to whom.
This app can be used both while sitting comfortably with friends and family, as well as online via e-mail or various messengers.


Take a look at our app features:

✔ Local-Secret-Santa: The lottery drawing takes place while everyone involved is present. Those who are not present get their results by e-mail.
✔ Online-Secret-Santa: all Secret-Santa's get their results by mail.
✔ The intelligent random number generator prevents you from drawing yourself and enables the determination of Anti-Secret-Santa's.
✔ Anti-Secret-Santa's: You can make sure not to be matched with a certain person by assigning a Secret-Santa an Anti-Secret-Santa (handy for couples or also last year’s Secret-Santa)
✔ The app can be used completely without registration.
✔ In the app several different groups can be created.
✔ Optionally the results can be sent by mail or shared by various messengers or SMS.
✔ You can add your wishes to give your Secret-Santa a hint.
✔ Furthermore, to each group additional information (like the event date or the budget) can be added.


  • How does the Secret Santa App work?
    The app gives you the possibility to create several groups (e.g., family or friends). To each group you can add members (optionally with e-mail address), which should participate the Secret Santa lottery. After all members are added and the Secret Santa process is started, the app calculates a giftee for each member. Now each member can take the phone and can see for whom he should prepare a gift. Alternatively, or additionally all members with e-mail addresses can get their results per e-mail.

  • Is it possible to make the lottery offline without any e-mail addresses?
    You do not have to add any e-mail addresses. The app does not require any kind of registration and can be used completely offline.

  • If a result (from an e-mail) is lost, how can it be reviewed?
    The app offers the possibility to review the results and resend the e-mail.

  • Why does the app include ads?
    The ad revenue is used to pay for sending the e-mails, and it supports us to develop new features for the app.

  • How can I change the name of a Secret-Santa-Group?
    1. Click on the group you want to change the name.
    2. Click on the group-name on upper part of the screen.
    3. Type in the name you want for this Secret-Santa-Group.

  • What can I do, if the button in the e-mail doesn't open the drawing result?
    Please copy the link, which is shown underneath the button in the e-mail. Past this link in you browser to open it manually. (This could be necessary if the e-mail client removed the links for security reasons.)